Reactive Scala Driver for MongoDB

Asynchronous & Non-Blocking

ReactiveMongo 0.10.5 – Release details

This is a minor release including mostly bugfixes and some enhancements.

The supported MongoDB versions are from 2.4 to 2.6.

What’s new?

  1. Two Releases:
    • (Scala 2.10 and 2.11): compiled against Akka 2.3 and Play Iteratees 2.3
    • (Scala 2.10 only): compiled against Akka 2.2 and Play Iteratees 2.2
  2. Enhancements:
    • API: add MongoConnectionOptions, support for options in MongoDB URI
    • BSON library: BSONObjectID is now a serializable class with a private constructor
    • BSON library: do not rely on exceptions in deserialization when possible
    • Commands: Eval
    • BufferCollection: RawBSONDocumentSerializer
    • Upgrade to SBT 0.13.5
    • Macros: support for @Ignore and @transient annotations
  3. Bugfixes:
    • BSON library: fix BSONDateTimeNumberLike typeclass
    • Cursor: fix exception propagation
    • Commands: fix ok deserialization for some cases
    • Commands: fix CollStatsResult
    • Commands: fix AddToSet in aggregation
    • Core: fix connection leak in some cases
    • GenericCollection: do not ignore WriteConcern in save()
    • GenericCollection: do not ignore WriteConcern in bulk inserts
    • GridFS: fix uploadDate deserialization field
    • Indexes: fix parsing for Ascending and Descending
    • Macros: fix type aliases
    • Macros: allow custom annotations


The documentation is also available and deprecates the old wiki. And of course, you can browse the Scaladoc.


Here is the list of the commits included in this release (since 0.9, the top commit is the most recent one):

$ git shortlog -s -n refs/tags/v0.10.0..0.10.5.x.akka23
    39  Stephane Godbillon
     5  Andrey Neverov
     4  lucasrpb
     3  Faissal Boutaounte
     2  杨博 (Yang Bo)
     2  Nikolay Sokolov
     1  David Liman
     1  Maksim Gurtovenko
     1  Age Mooij
     1  Paulo "JCranky" Siqueira
     1  Daniel Armak
     1  Viktor Taranenko
     1  Vincent Debergue
     1  Andrea Lattuada
     1  pavel.glushchenko
     1  Jacek Laskowski