package api

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Type Members

  1. trait Collection extends AnyRef

    A MongoDB Collection.

  2. trait CollectionMetaCommands extends AnyRef

    A mixin that provides commands about this Collection itself.

  3. trait CollectionProducer[+C <: Collection] extends AnyRef

    A Producer of Collection implementation.

  4. trait Cursor[T] extends AnyRef

  5. trait DB extends AnyRef

    A Mongo Database.

  6. trait DBMetaCommands extends AnyRef

    A mixin that provides commands about this database itself.

  7. class DefaultCursor[T] extends Cursor[T]

  8. case class DefaultDB(name: String, connection: MongoConnection, failoverStrategy: FailoverStrategy = ...) extends DB with DBMetaCommands with Product with Serializable

    The default DB implementation, that mixes in the database traits.

  9. class Failover[T] extends AnyRef

    A helper that sends the given message to the given actor, following a failover strategy.

  10. case class FailoverStrategy(initialDelay: FiniteDuration = ..., retries: Int = 5, delayFactor: (Int) ⇒ Double = ((n: Int) => 1)) extends Product with Serializable

    A failover strategy for sending requests.

  11. class FlattenedCursor[T] extends Cursor[T]

  12. class MongoConnection extends AnyRef

    A Mongo Connection.

  13. class MongoDriver extends AnyRef

  14. case class QueryOpts(skipN: Int = 0, batchSizeN: Int = 0, flagsN: Int = 0) extends Product with Serializable

    A helper to make the query options.

  15. sealed trait ReadPreference extends AnyRef

    MongoDB Read Preferences enable to read from primary or secondaries with a predefined strategy.

  16. sealed trait SortOrder extends AnyRef

Value Members

  1. object Cursor

  2. object DB

  3. object Failover

  4. object MongoConnection

  5. object MongoDriver

  6. object ReadPreference

  7. object SortOrder

  8. object bulk

    Bulk insertion.

  9. package collections

  10. package gridfs

  11. package indexes