package nodeset

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Type Members

  1. case class Authenticate(db: String, user: String, password: String) extends Authentication with Product with Serializable

  2. case class Authenticated(db: String, user: String) extends Authentication with Product with Serializable

  3. case class Authenticating(db: String, user: String, password: String, nonce: Option[String]) extends Authentication with Product with Serializable

  4. sealed trait Authentication extends AnyRef

  5. sealed trait CanonicalNodeStatus extends AnyRef

  6. class ChannelFactory extends AnyRef

  7. case class Connection(channel: Channel, status: ConnectionStatus, authenticated: Set[Authenticated], authenticating: Option[Authenticating]) extends Product with Serializable

  8. sealed trait ConnectionStatus extends AnyRef

  9. class ContinuousIterator[A] extends Iterator[A]

  10. case class Node(name: String, status: NodeStatus, connections: Vector[Connection], authenticated: Set[Authenticated], tags: Option[BSONDocument], pingInfo: PingInfo = ...) extends Product with Serializable

  11. case class NodeSet(name: Option[String], version: Option[Long], nodes: Vector[Node], authenticates: Set[Authenticate]) extends Product with Serializable

  12. sealed trait NodeStatus extends AnyRef

  13. case class PingInfo(ping: Long = 0, lastIsMasterTime: Long = 0, lastIsMasterId: Int = -1) extends Product with Serializable

  14. sealed trait QueryableNodeStatus extends AnyRef

  15. class RoundRobiner[A, M[T] <: Iterable[T]] extends AnyRef

Value Members

  1. object ConnectionStatus

  2. object NodeStatus

  3. object PingInfo extends Serializable