Reactive Scala Driver for MongoDB

Asynchronous & Non-Blocking

ReactiveMongo 0.10


  1. Add ReactiveMongo to your project
  2. Connect to the database
  3. Open database and collections
  4. Find documents
  5. Consume streams of documents
  6. Write documents (insert, update, remove)

BSON Manipulation

  1. Overview of the ReactiveMongo BSON library
  2. Using the ReactiveMongo BSON library
  3. Concrete Example: Maps De/Serialization
  4. Concrete Example: BigDecimal and BigInteger De/Serialization

Advanced Topics

  1. The Collection API Design
  2. Running Commands
  3. FailoverStrategy
  4. ReadPreference
  5. GridFS


ReactiveMongo is getting better with every release thanks to its contributors. Feel free to browse the GitHub repository, to report any bug, feature request or make pull requests!

You can also help improve this documentation by making pull request on this website GitHub repository.