package nodeset

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Type Members

  1. case class Authenticated(db: String, user: String) extends Authentication with Product with Serializable
  2. sealed trait Authenticating extends Authentication
  3. sealed trait Authentication extends AnyRef
  4. sealed trait CanonicalNodeStatus extends AnyRef
  5. case class Connection(channel: Channel, status: ConnectionStatus, authenticated: Set[Authenticated], authenticating: Option[Authenticating]) extends Product with Serializable
  6. sealed trait ConnectionStatus extends AnyRef
  7. case class CrAuthenticating(db: String, user: String, password: String, nonce: Option[String]) extends Authenticating with Product with Serializable
  8. case class NodeInfo(name: String, aliases: Set[String], host: String, port: Int, status: NodeStatus, connections: Int, connected: Int, authenticated: Int, tags: Option[BSONDocument], protocolMetadata: ProtocolMetadata, pingInfo: PingInfo, isMongos: Boolean) extends Product with Serializable


    the number of all the node connections


    the number of established connections for this node


    the number of authenticated connections

  9. case class NodeSet(name: Option[String], version: Option[Long], nodes: Vector[Node], authenticates: Set[Authenticate]) extends Product with Serializable


    the replicaSet name


    the replicaSet version

  10. case class NodeSetInfo(name: Option[String], version: Option[Long], nodes: Vector[NodeInfo], primary: Option[NodeInfo], mongos: Option[NodeInfo], secondaries: Vector[NodeInfo], nearest: Option[NodeInfo]) extends Product with Serializable
  11. sealed trait NodeStatus extends AnyRef
  12. class PingInfo extends Product3[Long, Long, Int] with Serializable

  13. case class ProtocolMetadata(minWireVersion: MongoWireVersion, maxWireVersion: MongoWireVersion, maxMessageSizeBytes: Int, maxBsonSize: Int, maxBulkSize: Int) extends Product with Serializable
  14. sealed trait QueryableNodeStatus extends AnyRef
  15. case class ScramSha1Authenticating(db: String, user: String, password: String, randomPrefix: String, saslStart: String, conversationId: Option[Int] = None, serverSignature: Option[Array[Byte]] = None, step: Int = 0) extends Authenticating with Product with Serializable
  16. case class X509Authenticating(db: String, user: String) extends Authenticating with Product with Serializable
  17. case class Authenticate(db: String, user: String, password: Option[String]) extends Authentication with Product with Serializable


    the name of the database


    the name (or subject for X509) of the user


    the password for the user (None for X509)


    (Since version 0.14.0) Internal: will be made private