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Amazon DocumentDB

Amazon DocumentDB is the database service available on Amazon AWS platform, with some compatibility with MongoDB.

Once DocumentDB service is enabled, a cluster can be created in the AWS console, its name and authentication can be checked in the configuration.

Amazon DocumentDB configuration

The created cluster is visible in DocumentDB Cluster list.

Amazon DocumentDB clusters

Clicking on the cluster displays the details required to connect.

Amazon DocumentDB Cluster details

From there, the connection URI can be copied, with placeholder <insertYourPassword> replace with actual password.

Note the ssl=true and the ssl_ca_certs=rds-combined-ca-bundle.pem options, as AWS DocumentDB is configured by default with SSL using the AWS RDS certificates.

As indicated in the AWS documentation, the rds-combined-ca-bundle.pem or the rds-ca-2015-root.pem can be downloaded. The later is sufficient for client connection.

As the certificates are not available in the Java KeyStore format (JKS), the certificates provided in PEM format must be converted, thereafter as rds-ca-2015-root.jks with password rds-ca-2015-root.

Finally the connection URI can be updated by replacing the option ssl_ca_certs with keyStore (URI to JKS file, there on local FS using file://), keyStorePassword (there rds-ca-2015-root) and keyStoreType=JKS.

mongodb.uri = "mongodb://"

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