Reactive Scala Driver for MongoDB

Asynchronous & Non-Blocking

MongoDB Atlas

Atlas is the official cloud MongoDB service (feature complete and up-to-date).

Once the Atlas account is set up (with a Cluster and Security/users), then the Command Line tab is accessible.

MongoDB Atlas Cluster

In the shown dialog, the “Connect Your Application” can be selected as method.

MongoDB Atlas Connection method

Then the connection URI is displayed, and can be copied with user/password placeholders.

MongoDB Atlas Connection URI

mongodb.uri = "mongodb+srv://${ATLAS_USERNAME}:${ATLAS_PASSWORD}"

Note: The URI is DNS seedlist format, supported by ReactiveMongo. The options are resolved from there.

In order to substitute the placeholders ATLAS_USERNAME and ATLAS_PASSWORD, actual users can be check in the Security settings.

MongoDB Atlas Security

It necessary to make sure that the user is granted the appropriate permissions.

MongoDB Atlas User

See the documentation

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