Reactive Scala Driver for MongoDB

Asynchronous & Non-Blocking

ReactiveMongo 0.2

You can read the release notes to know what is new with this major release.

The latest minor release is 0.20.13, and the core dependency can be added in your SBT project as following.

libraryDependencies ++= Seq(
  "org.reactivemongo" %% "reactivemongo" % "0.20.13")

Maven Central Test coverage

MongoDB versions older than 2.6 are no longer supported by ReactiveMongo, as the End of Life for MongoDB 2.4 was reached in April 2015.

API documentations:

The various API of the ReactiveMongo driver itself, and also of the related libraries, are available online.

Recommended configuration:

The driver core and the modules are tested in a container based environment, with the specifications as bellow.

This can be considered as a recommended environment.


BSON Manipulation

  1. Overview of the ReactiveMongo BSON library
  2. Readers & writers

Play Framework

Advanced Topics


These sample applications are kept up to date with the latest driver version. They are built upon Play Framework.


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