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ReactiveMongo 0.11.14 – Release details

What’s new?


There is also a new version of the Play Framework plugin.

MongoDB versions older than 2.6 are not longer supported by ReactiveMongo.


The documentation is available online. You can also browse the Scaladoc.

Migration notes

The package reactivemongo.api.collections.default has been refactored as the package reactivemongo.api.collections.bson. If you get a compilation error like the following one, you need to update the corresponding imports.

object default is not a member of package reactivemongo.api.collections
[error] import reactivemongo.api.collections.default.BSONCollection

The .save operation on a BSON collection has been removed, and must be replaced by .update(selectorDoc, updateDoc, upsert = true). This is to make the ReactiveMongo API more coherent, and benefit from the upsert semantic of the MongoDB update command.

No Json serializer as JsObject found for type play.api.libs.json.JsObject.
Try to implement an implicit OWrites or OFormat for this type.

When using the support for Play JSON, if the previous error occurs, it necessary to make sure import is used, to import default BSON/JSON conversions.


Here is the list of the commits included in this release (since 0.10, the top commit is the most recent one):

$ git shortlog -s -n refs/tags/v0.10.0..0.11.0-M1
    77  Stephane Godbillon
    49  Cédric Chantepie
     5  Andrey Neverov
     4  Reid Spencer
     4  lucasrpb
     3  Shunsuke Kirino
     3  Faissal Boutaounte
     2  杨博 (Yang Bo)
     2  Alois Cochard
     2  Nikolay Sokolov
     2  Olivier Samyn
     2  Viktor Taranenko
     1  Maksim Gurtovenko
     1  pavel.glushchenko
     1  Paulo "JCranky" Siqueira
     1  Fehmi Can Saglam
     1  Shirish Padalkar
     1  Dmitry Mikhaylov
     1  David Liman
     1  Age Mooij
     1  Vincent Debergue
     1  Daniel Armak
     1  Jaap Taal
     1  Jacek Laskowski
     1  Andrea Lattuada

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